Read this to find out how to make money from home

The appeal to work from home has grown tremendously in the last decade. While it can be a strong source of income, most people use working from home as a supplemental income. Benefits of working from home include not needing childcare, no severe physical stress on the body, no mundane 9-5, and it makes having that second job much easier. Here are several options:

Medical Transcription
Medical transcription requires some type of formal training before a job can be secured. At the very least, a medical transcriptionist will need training in medical terminology and have typing tests to prove their ability to type both quickly and correctly. Many schools offer tuition assistance, but be prepared to foot the bulk of the cost. Be tenacious in securing a job after the skills are earned. While the medical field is always hiring, getting started in transcription can be difficult.

Arts, Crafts, and Handmade
Homemade is on the rise and people are clamoring to show it off. If canvas painting, sculpting, print, jewelry making, sewing, or any other crafty knowledge are skills on the resume, then consider selling those beautiful creations. Everything from wall art to steampunk style maxi skirts are within the realm of possibility. Be prepared to browse different sites to keep up with trends, add a twist of personal spice, and work hard. Word of mouth is the most important marketing tool available in this job. A business that sells goods from home will need great customer reviews to keep the work flowing and thus will need to provide stellar products. Create a business website or use sites like or Ebay.

Foreign language, mathematics, English, and computer skills are highly sought after knowledge bases. Teaching someone a foreign language is a highly profitable gig, but it’s also enriching and fun. Grade school through college students need help in their weakest subjects. Be prepared to show credentials that prove personal skill and knowledge in the area. No one will hire a math tutor who doesn’t have a degree in mathematics or at least straight A’s in the subject.

Free Lance Writing
There are websites galore made for free lance writers. The jobs available will always depend on personal skill level in spelling, grammar, style, and ability to do and apply research. Some free lance sites will offer training links to hone grammar skills. If a site does not offer training then another internet search will produce an abundance of sites to refresh those skills. Be prepared to do research when writing about unfamiliar subjects. If the extra work sounds too daunting then do not stray from personal areas of expertise. Prepare writing samples beforehand, as most sites will require at least one.

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Be smart about job searching. If getting into an online business, check their credentials against the Better Business Bureau. If providing goods or services from home, go through all official channels before selling any products. Working from home is a real option, but be ready to do the work.